My Sister's Rage - in development

  • Supported by OAC Theatre Recommender Grants through Soulpepper, Nightswimming Theatre, Cahoots Theatre, Aluna Theatre, Mixed Company Theatre, MT Space, Native Earth Performing Arts

  • Was developed as part of the 2019 Gros Morne Playwrights’ Residency in Newfoundland

White Girls in Moccasins - in development

  • Supported through the Animikiig Creator’s Unit at Native Earth Performing Arts, 2016-2017

  • Excerpt staged reading for Weesageechak Begins to Dance 29, November 15 2016

  • Mentored by Clare Preuss and Diana Belshaw

  • Excerpt performance at the 39th Rhubarb Festival in February 2018, directed by Clare Preuss

  • Supported by OAC Theatre Recommender Grants through Nightwood Theatre, Native Earth Performing Arts, fu GEN Theatre, Studio 180, Buddies in Bad Times

  • Developed at Banff Centre Playwright's Lab, April 2018

  • In residency at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Scanner - in development

  • Dramaturgical support by Jessica Lea Fleming

  • Supported through Factory Wired, The Foundry Playwriter’s Unit at Factory Theatre, January 2016

  • Excerpt staged reading for Factory Theatre’s Sparks Fly, June 2016, directed by Jasmine Chen

  • Excerpt staged reading at ACTRA diversity Working the Scene in Colour July 2016

  • Workshopped as part of The Other Side Project with second year theatre students at Humber College under guidance of Marie Beath Badian and Matt McGeachy, Nov 2016

  • Currently a part of Factory Theatre's Deep Development Creator's Unit

  • Support from Elliot Hayes Playwright Development Fund: Tyrone Guthrie Awards, Stratford 2017

  • Staged reading Springworks, Oct 2017

  • Supported by OAC Theatre Creator's Reserve through Factory Theatre, MT Space and Nightswimming Theatre

  • Supported by the Toronto Arts Council

  • Staged reading Sparks Fly, Factory Theatre, March 2018


  • Staged at Weesageechak Begins to Dance 28 in November 2015

  • Staged at 37th Rhubarb Festival in February 2016

  • Workshop residency development and performance at Summerworks August 2016

  • Development workshop scheduled for January 2017

  • Produced at UnoFest, Victoria, May 2018

  • Produced at REvolver Fest, Vancouver, May 2018

  • Produced at the Luminato Festival in the summer of 2018

  • Set to appear at the 2019 High Performance Rodeo, Calgary

  • Directed by Cole Alvis

  • Dramaturgy by Yvette Nolan

  • Supported by the Ontario Arts Council

  • Supported by the Toronto Arts Council

  • Supported by The Collaborations at the National Arts Centre

  • Supported by the Canadian Council for the Arts

  • Set for production as part of Theatre Passe Muraille's 2019/2020 season with Native Earth Performing Arts

True Directions

  • Stage adaptation of Jamie Babbit’s But I’m a Cheerleader

  • Four day fully staged run for community theatre in Thunder Bay, June 2011


bug at 37th Rhubarb Festival, Buddes in Bad Times

Photo by Connie Tsang

other works

  • Commissioned to write four poems for LemonTree's production of Lilies

  • Poem, Red Waters published in Red Rising Magazine, Feb 5 2017

Link here

  • Donated pieces for Theatre of the Beat for the Identity Project at Grand Valley Institution, 2017


  • Commissioned to write pieces for Spectrum Collective's Tales from Turtle Island, June 2017

Poems included are Pow Wow, Red Waters, Blood Cells and a long form poem in two parts about the Native women in her family:

Anishnaabe Kwe Pt 1 & 2

  • Commissioned by Black Ice Sound to write two pieces for Canadian Chamber Choir, 2017

White Girls in Moccasins

39th Rhubarb Festival - Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Yolanda Bonnell, Elizabeth Staples, Binaeshee - Quae

Photo by Dahlia Katz

White Girls in Moccasins workshop, Weesageechak 29, Native Earth Performing Arts, Aki Studio

Photo of Yolanda Bonnell and Zita Nyarady taken by Clare Preuss